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How do I order a custom pet art?

1. Pick a canvas size

12"x12"      $249.99

11"x14"       $279.99

16"x20"     $349.99

18"x24"     $449.99

Or a print size (matte finish)

8"x8"       $179.99

8"x10"     $189.99

2. Select your favorite pic 

Please make sure the face and features are clear with a distinct background :) If you are having difficulties picking one picture you can send me several and I will help you pick the best one. Click here to attach the pics.

3. Tell me the story

In a few words or sentences tell me how did you find your pet and what makes it so special! 

If you have any preferences in colors please let me know as well.

4. Time and payment

Payment can be made through Venmo, Zelle or Paypal. Once the payment is submitted please allow 3 - 4 weeks for the creation and shipping of the piece.

Please include the information from steps 1, 2, 3

And also provide the shipping address in your message.

I will give you payment info once we have connected :)

Click here if you want to shop from my store.

Click here to send my the pictures 

Acrylic on canvas sizes


11"x14" landscape

11"x14" portrait


Say hi to my furry friends!

Lloron.“We first saw Lloron on a Sunday, he was in the middle of a busy avenue. He was all alone eating from the street. Manu stopped the car and I took Lloron to ASN, a refugee organization that takes care of homeless animals. We were his temporary home for a few days while they were working on finding a home, but we fell in love and decided to keep him!
He has been with us for 2 years now”
- Mafer @vainilla @ohlalamacarons

Travis. “Travis used to come to the store every day. He came asking for breakfast and lunch and we always fed him until one day he didn’t show up. I couldn't sleep thinking something had happened to him since he lived in the streets. After 4 days he came back to the store but this time he was covered in dust and was very sick. That day Manu and I decided to take him home.He has been with us 3 years now and we couldn't be happier”- Mafer from @vainilla @ohlalamacarons

Bailey. "Bailey is a Australian Shepherd, he is 8 months old. Clear eyes, pink spots on his nose and it looks like he's always wearing white socks, one shorter than the other. His favorite toy is a little sheep and he loves running and bones!" - Romina

Ella."Her name is Ella and she is a dog with a big personality. She is very kind an protective with the people she knows but tends to be a little mean with strangers. She always wears a pony tail, we call it "matica de coco" She loves sweets, take her head out of the window and watching tv. She lives in Venezuela and I miss her everyday"

- Andrea Suarez

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