The Pink Hat

This is a colorful initiative to help a community in Mérida, Venezuela.


When buying a Pink Hat 15% of sales will be donated to "Tiempos de Dar" to provide relief to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

"Tiempos de Dar" means time to give

Where the main goal is "to help whoever needs it" focusing especially in the city of Mérida, Venezuela. This generous approach of helping everyone is a reaction to the extreme humanitarian crisis most communities are living through right now.  

In hospitals "the situation is so bad that, patients who go to the hospital need to bring not only their own food but also medical supplies like syringes and scalpels as well as their own soap and water." source

Political instability, hunger, inflation, poverty and soaring crime rates. It has been described as the largest exodus in Latin America in a hundred years. source

We want to give

What is needed. Venezuelans are currently in need of anything, even the smallest thing you could think of. Every penny counts.

Our goal is to help the team of Tiempos de Dar with their mission and the money will be used to buy medical supplies and food. 


The first Pink hat campaign starts February 19th and will finish May 1st.

Hola! My name is Maria

If you are reading this, THANK YOU! It means the world to me. I am from Mérida, Venezuela and this is my colorful initiative to give back to the country that raised me.

As many other Venezuelans, I left my country 2 years ago, pushed away by the political persecution, the lack of creative opportunity and the fear of barely living a monochromatic life.

My goal with the Pink Hat campaign is to spread the voice about the Venezuelan crisis, help the people in need, and make the world a little bit more colorful one hat at a time!

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